On this episode I sit down with Iowa Wesleyan University Professor of economics, Jennifer Krull, and ask, “What is a tariff? What is the history of tariffs?  Why do some people love them and others hate them?” I also asked,   “What is a trade balance?  How are trade balances related to tariffs?    Why is the government involved in trade and commerce at all?  Do we really have a free market?”

It is a great refresher on economics.  Listen in, leave comments and share with friends.

Conspiracy Theories :Q

What is up with the Q theory?  I had no idea until it went mainstream after a Florida Trump rally.  So I spent some time diving into why we find conspiracy theories so appetizing and filling.  Listen in to learn a little.   Did you hear about the research investigator who went to the library and asked the librarian where the books on conspiracy were located? She said, “They are right behind you!”

Trevor Lynn Republican Candidate for the Iowa House Representing District 84

Hi Friends on this episode I sat down with Trevor Lynn who is one of the four Republican Candidates for the Iowa House Representing District 84.  We talked about his hope for the future and some of the big items facing every state in the nation such as budgets, taxes, and kids.  Listen in a see what you think.  You can hear all of the candidates on previous episodes.

Interview with Republican Candidate Sheila Matheney for Iowa House Seat in District 84

Hi Friends,

I sat down with Sheila Matheney, one of the four Republican candidates running for the Iowa House seat representing district 84.   We talked about why she feels called to run and what experience and passions she hopes to bring to the table.  The Republican primary is June 5.  I will interview the three other Republican candidates in the coming weeks.  Last week I interviewed the lone Democratic candidate Jason Moats. Listen in to learn about the candidates seeking to represent you.


Interviewing (D) Candidate Jason Moats for the Iowa House Seat for District 84

Hi Friends,

On this episode I interview (D) Candidate Jason Moats.  He is running for the Iowa House seat in district 84.  Next week I will interview (R) Sheila Matheney.  She is one of four Republicans running for the seat.  Listen in to learn about the candidates who want to represent us.  I will admit it is a fun, semi-selfish endeavor for me to meet the candidates personally so I can make an informed decision.  I am glad you get to listen, too.

Guns, Marriage and Teachers with Guns

Hi Friends,

On this episode I talk about Guns and Marriage. Some Christians, in support of President Trump, are saying he has Biblical marriage versus what has been accepted as the norms of the church and western culture’s view of marriage.  What is the difference between a “Biblical” marriage, a “Traditional Western Christian” marriage, and a “contractual” marriage?  Biblical marriage = man can have affairs, concubines, whatever….Christian marriage = covenant between two people only, contractual marriage = whatever two people agree as acceptable.  What do you think?

Then we get into school teachers in guns.  I lay some serious rules of engagement which I would demand of my lawmakers such as biometrics (fingerprint) scans on guns to activate the trigger, not firing until fired upon, and not firing unless there are no bystanders in the line of fire.  I am not saying teachers should be armed but if they are, they need standards.  Listen in and comment.

Seven Deadly Sins: Anger

Hi Friends,

Do you think God is red hot mad about our need for conversations about arming teachers? Has your temper boiled over at the news  over the past week or year?  What about seeing Tonya Harding laughing it up on the Ellen Degeneres show?  Does that make you cringe a little?  Does she deserve to be happy, too?   Can God show mercy to trolls on Facebook?    With all the ranting in the news and on social media, I thought it would be good to share this sermon on anger from my sermon series on the Seven Deadly Sins.  Listen in and share with your friends.